Welcome to my piece of heaven in this virtual world! As a product of having lived in 14 countries in 18 years, I learned long ago that life is meant to be lived and not just something to exist in. There is a great deal of beauty to be found by relishing in new experiences and savoring every moment. I believe that is what brought me to you.

As a transplant to sunny California, I’m a disarmingly beautiful, witty and exotic woman who emerged from a very conservative background surrounded by books and intellectuals to create my own path filled with life-changing adventures, lessons learned and bold undertakings at every turn. I’m oftentimes complimented on the efficacy of my conversation, the emotional maturity that is exuded through my confidence, the intellectual density of my mind and yes, the stimulating curves of my body.

A seamless integration of a magna cum laude graduate with two degrees, a risqué inner-persona who feeds off of your voracious desires, and a warm heart, I’m the quintessential all-around woman; the perfect combination of beauty, passion, authenticity and zeal.

Together we’ll laugh, explore new places and desires unbeknownst to the world and create memories and secrets that we’ll possess for life. Come join me on my path of self-discovery and newfound liberation. I desire something real, something voracious and something remarkable…

Are you ready?

With pleasure and passion,